harman's cheddar cocktail spreads

        John Harman's Cheddar Cheese Cocktail Spreads

        Delightful Cheddar Cheese Cocktail Spreads, using John Harman's secret recipe. 

        Made with Harman's Really-Aged Cheddar, Sandeman Oporto Port Wine, and lightly spiced with Cayenne Pepper. We "spike" one spread  with Courvoisier Cognac and the other with Old Jamaica Rum. Serve at room temperature.

        Three Choices:
          Port Wine with Cognac
          Port Wine with Rum
           or One of Each for the best price.

        7.5 ounce glass jar. 

        • $12.75

        This product is made using John Harman's secret recipe.  John Harman kept a little black book that he filled with recipes from exclusive New York Chefs.  I often wondered how he was able to convince so many chefs to share their recipes with him because the book is quite full.

        This prized recipe was used in an exclusive New York Club in the 1920's.  John Harman brought it to New Hampshire and used his own Harman's Cheddar mixed with Sandeman Oporto Port Wine.  One spread is spiked with mellow Courvoisier Cognac and the other is spiked with Old Jamaican Rum.  Both spreads are lightly spiced with Cayenne Pepper.   

        When Mr. Harman first introduced it to his customers, he described it as a "conversation piece spread for any and every occasion".  He also suggested that you spread it on a chopped steak before broiling to make a "heavenly hamburger".  All choice ingredients and often an appreciated gift. 

        Serve at room temperature, for easy spreading.   

        Packed in a 7.5 oz glass jar.  Keeps up to 4 months in your refrigerator (even while you are enjoying it).

        Three Choices:
          Port Wine with Cognac
          Port Wine with Rum
           or One of Each

        Made for us, using John Harman's Recipe by:
           Genuine Local of Meredith, New Hampshire

        Nutrition Facts
          Serving Size: 2 Tbsp (28g)
          8 servings per jar  
          Calories per serving: 100
        Total Fat 8g
          Sat. Fat 4.5 g
          Trans Fat 0g
        Cholesterol 25mg
        Sodium 150mg
        Total Carb 1g
        Fiber 0g
        Sugars 0g
        Protein 5g
        Vitamin D .1mcg
        Calcium 170mg
        Iron 0mg
        Potassium 10mg

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