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  • Harman's 50th Anniversary Cookbook

    50 Years of Cookbook Recipes Complimented by Memories, History, and Trivia.

    Memories, history, photos, and trivia tucked midst the 365 recipes. This cookbook is a collection of love from our customers, friends, visitors, family, employees, suppliers, and maybe even a tidbit from you.

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  • Cooking Center Stage

    This cookbook is a first for the NCCA.  They collected recipes from their theatrical alumni, local businesses & restaurants, their patrons & supporters and from the nooks and crannies of the community.  

    The book includes not only recipes but history and photos about Jean's Theatre and our area.

    The 50 plus recipes vary from Spicy Shrimp Appetizer's to Slow Roasted Beer Short Ribs.

    Starters & Snacks:  Pomegranate Salsa and more
    Breads & Soups: Easy Hearty Vegetarian Soup and more
    Salads & Sides:  Dublin Potato Salad and more
    Cocktails: Ginger Lime Cocktail and more
    Main Courses: Bacon-Wrapped stuffed Chicken and more
    Desserts: Flourless Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake and more

    The $20.00 purchase of this book entirely goes to support the: 

    North Country Center for the Arts
      at Jean's Playhouse

    Lincoln, New Hampshire

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  • 2019 Official Vermont Maple Cookbook, 4th Edition

    This 2019 pocket-sized Maple Cookbook has over 75 delicious Maple recipes and hints for using Maple Syrup.

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  • Maple Coloring Book

    Welcome To Our Sugarhouse is not only a coloring book, it's a primer in how Maple Syrup is made. 

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  • Maple Sugaring in New Hampshire

    An Images of America photographic history of of Maple Sugaring in our state. Barbara Mills Lassonde, with strong NH Maple Sugaring roots in her family tree; has gathered photos and memories together to create this wonderful book that not only documents the history of sugaring but the importance it had in our lives.

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  • Cruising New Hampshire History

    A guide with background stories to 255 Historical Markers in New Hampshire.  Read the background story to Sugar Hill's Historical Marker about the first Ski School in the United States.    All books are signed by local author, Michael Bruno.

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  • A History of Cannon Mountain

    A History of Cannon Mountain: Tales, Trails, and Skiing Legends
    by Meghan McCarthy McPhaul
    (History Press, 2011).

    Cannon Mountain’s history is steeped in skiing legend and lore. The granite-domed mountain has been the playground of skiers since the 1930s and is home to the country’s first down mountain ski trail, the first passenger aerial tramway in North America, and the first professional ski patrol. More than a dozen members of the U.S. Ski Hall of Fame—whose contributions to the sport include historic racing feats, the development of ski techniques, and designing countless ski areas across the country and around the world—have called Cannon their home hill.  Meghan has been skiing at Cannon Mountain since she was a small child. After five years in the mountains of Colorado, she returned East and began a career as a small-town newspaper reporter, earning accolades and professional journalism awards while working on the side as a ski coach.  Her book captures the flavor of Cannon for all to enjoy.

    All books will be signed by the author (since her husband's family business (Harrison Publishing House) has done all the printing for Harman's over the years - we do have a connection).

    For more information, visit Meghan's website:

    Paperbound, 151 pages (with endnotes - 173 pages).
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  • Life at the Top

    Life at the Top: Weather, Wonder & High Cuisine from the Mt. Washington Observatory
    by Eric Pinder
    2009: Hobblebush Books, 180 pages
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  • That Reminds Me of a Funny Story
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    That Reminds Me of a Funny Story

    A Memoir, How-To, and Compendium of Yankee Humor by Rebecca Rule

    In her career as a yankee storyteller, Rebecca Rule has traveled throughout New England telling stories and gathering them. This book is the capstone on a twenty-five year career; the best of the best of these stories are collected here. It is also a memoir of how she came to be a storyteller, why storytelling matters, and what she has learned about the craft in the hundreds of performances she has given.

    It’s a book full of characters, insight, heart, and good humor. Careful where you read it because you will be laughing out loud!

    Rebecca Rule has made it to Sugar Hill a few times and captured some of Maxine & Bert Aldrich's humor in her stories.  Perhaps you have heard Maxine telling a customer (maybe you) the difference between New Hampshire or Vermont Maple Syrup.   If you haven't heard it then you'll find the difference explained on page 272 of Rebecca's book (answer is only 3 words).  On page 221 you'll find an example of the town meeting wit from both Maxine and Bert.  It was the first town meeting that I (Brenda) had gone to and I wanted to disappear into the floor but both Mom and Dad gave very truthful answers as Mom drove the car to grocery shop or take us kids to places in Franconia while Dad drove us to the bank and to shop in Littleton.  Rebecca Rule has some creative spelling in her book but these two stories are part of the truthful stories . . . and there are a few embellished stories in this book, too.

    Published in 2019

    Hobblebush Books

    Concord, New Hampshire

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