apple hill farm maple apple butter

        Apple Hill Apple Butters

        Apple Hill Farm makes their apple butters in small batches using apples grown in their New Hampshire orchard.  We offer two flavors:  Original and Maple Apple Butter

        • $7.75

        When we deliver cheese to the Apple Hill Farm in the fall, they are often cooking apple butter.  I wish I could share the aroma with you because it is wonderful.  The apples are grown right on their farm, so they have an excellent assortment of varieties to choose from when they make their apple butters.

        Try either of them on your pork chop as a marinade or as a topping, it's delicious.

        Two Flavors:   Original Apple Butter or Maple Apple Butter

        Packed in 8 oz. jars

        Ingredients: NH Grown Apples, Sugar, Cinnamon and Nutmeg.  
        Maple Syrup is added to the Maple Apple Butter.

        Made by: Apple Hill Orchard - Concord, New Hampshire

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