zelda's spiced pumpkin butter

        Zelda's Apple & Pumpkin Butters

        Two delicious Fruit Butters from Zelda:  Apple Butter or Spiced Pumpkin Butter.

        • $9.50

        Both of these wonderful spreads evokes a New England Autumn with every taste. Zelda makes all her products in small batches to give it a rich homemade flavor.

        Apple Butter: This is a wonderful spread with so many uses. More than just a spread for your bread, use it in cooking or as a condiment on the table with your pork chops.
        Ingredients:  Apples, Sugar, Spices 

        Pumpkin Butter:  This flavorful spread is quite versatile.  Try it on French Toast with Pecans, Bake pumpkin Bread with it, put it in Granola or Oatmeal, Mix in your Yogurt, Top your baked Sweet Potato with it, Make a Pumpkin Caramel sauce for Ice Cream and enjoy it right out of the jar!  Ingredients: Sugar, Pumpkin, Pectin, Pie Spices

        Packed in 10 oz jar.  
        Made by Zelda Gonyer - Lancaster, New Hampshire

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