Zelda's Apple Jelly, Jams and Drizzle

        Zelda's Apple Jelly, Jams and Drizzle

        Zelda uses locally grown apples to make these delicious products.

        4 Choices: Crab Apple Jelly, Dutch Apple Jam, Apple Maple Jam, Apple Maple DrizZelda

        • $9.50

        Zelda uses locally-grown apples and cooks them in small batches to give each Jelly, Jam or Drizzle that rich homemade, delicious flavor.

        All packed in 10 oz jars.

        Crab Apple Jelly: Growing up, Crab Apple Jelly was our favorite for peanut butter & jelly sandwiches or for putting a dab on a fresh donut.  Zelda captures the same great flavor of that I remember from growing up. Ingredients:  Crab Apple Juiced and Pectin. 

        Dutch Apple Pie Jam:  The taste of Apple Pie in a Jam!  Ingredients: Apples, Cane Sugar, Brown Sugar, Lemon Juice, Pectin, and Pie Spices

        Apple Maple Jam: Another “Apple Pie in a Jar” jams but with a New England twist, sweetened with Maple Syrup.  Ingredients: Apples, Cane Sugar, Maple Syrup, and Pie Spices.

        Apple Maple DrizZelda: Same flavor as the jam but this is a “drizzle” for pancakes, waffles, ice cream, cake, or whatever! Add some “apple pie taste” to vanilla ice cream with this flavorful topping. Since the “drizzle” is made by Zelda, it’s got the great name of DrizZelda. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.  Ingredients: Apples, Cane Sugar, Maple Syrup, and Pie Spices.

        Made by Zelda Gonyer - Lancaster, New Hampshire

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