• 2024 Pure Maple Syrup

          2024 Pure Maple Syrup

          Pure Grade A Maple Syrup is an all-natural sweetener adding flavor and only about 40-50 calories per tablespoon. Maple Syrup also has minerals and vitamins, making it one of nature's great energy foods! It's the perfect ingredient for everything from baking bread to your stir fried vegetables!

          The 2024 season started early.   There was a good season, so there should be plenty of syrup this year.

          3 New Hampshire Grades Available:  Gold, Amber, Dark
            Very Dark is available from Vermont

          This Maple Syrup is produced by
              Fuller's Sugarhouse - Lancaster, New Hampshire

          • $11.00
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        • Smoked Maple Syrup

                Smoked Maple Syrup

                Smoked Maple Syrup is a Sweet Smoky Goodness for the Kitchen and Grill. Use in small amounts in savory dishes, sauces, marinades, and dressings. 

                Two sizes:

                  2 oz
                  8.45 oz

                Sugar Bob's Finest Kind
                Chester, Vermont

                • $5.95
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              • Infused Maple Syrup

                      Infused Maple Syrup

                      Infused maple syrup brings an additional flavor to add sweet and another flavor nuance  to your foods.

                      We offer 4 Infused Syrups:

                      Sweet Autumn:  Sweet Spices with Vanilla
                      Sweet Ginger:  The spark of Ginger
                      Sweet Heat:  Hot Habanero Peppers 
                      Sweet Bourbon:   Maple Syrup aged in Bourbon 

                       Many ways to use these syrups everyday from as a drizzle to a marinade!

                      5.7 oz flask bottles

                      Butternut Mountain Farm
                      Morrisville, Vermont

                      • $12.95
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                    • New Hampshire Syrup Sampler

                            New Hampshire Syrup Sampler

                            Small glass jugs filled with three different grades of Pure New Hampshire Maple Syrup. This set enables you to try Golden, Amber, and Dark Grade A Maple Syrup.

                            1.35 oz jars

                            Fuller's Sugarhouse
                            Lancaster, NH

                            • $10.95
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                          • Maple Syrup in Glass Jugs

                                  Maple Syrup in Glass Jugs

                                  These Gallone bottles have the classic old fashioned jug shape and are filled with Grade A Medium Amber Maple Syrup.

                                  • $9.00
                                • Maple Syrup Leaf Bottles

                                        Maple Syrup Leaf Bottles

                                        Pure Grade A Maple Syrup fills these beautiful veined glass Maple Leaf Bottles. 

                                        • $5.00
                                      • 2019 Official Vermont Maple Cookbook, 4th Edition

                                              2019 Official Vermont Maple Cookbook, 4th Edition

                                              This 2019 pocket-sized Maple Cookbook has over 75 delicious Maple recipes and hints for using Maple Syrup.

                                              • $3.50
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                                            • Maple Coloring Book

                                                    Maple Coloring Book

                                                    Welcome To Our Sugarhouse is not only a coloring book, it's a primer in how Maple Syrup is made. 

                                                    • $1.75
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                                                  • Raw White Mt Honey

                                                          Raw White Mt Honey

                                                          All natural raw honey is treated with tender loving care; never heat treated or processed.  It comes to you with all of the nutrients and goodness that nature intended.

                                                          • $9.00
                                                        • Honey in the Rough

                                                                Honey in the Rough

                                                                Raw and unprocessed honey, full of vitamins and enzymes. 

                                                                • $12.75
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                                                              • Honey Bear

                                                                      Honey Bear

                                                                      Clover Honey in a plastic bear dispenser.

                                                                      • $6.50
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                                                                    • Moorland Creamed Honey

                                                                            Moorland Creamed Honey

                                                                            A smooth delicious spread for toast, muffins, waffles, or your warm homemade bread.  Pure Honey, nothing else!

                                                                            • $10.50
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