pure nh maple syrup glass jugs

        Maple Syrup in Glass Jugs

        These Gallone bottles have the classic old fashioned jug shape and are filled with Grade A Medium Amber Maple Syrup.

        • $9.00

        These Gallone bottles have the old fashioned jug shape with a round base and round mouth for easy pouring (or re-filling). The design includes the outline of the state of New Hampshire with maple leaves. 

        The jugs are filled with Grade A Amber Maple Syrup.  Grade A Amber with rich taste is the classic choice for syrup as its delicious flavor is not only great on pancakes but holds up when used for cooking. You'll not only have great tasting syrup but in an attractive glass jug that can go right to the table.

        Available in 3 sizes:

        16.9 oz (slightly over a pint) stands at 7.25 inches tall.

        8.5 oz (slightly over a cup) stands at 5.5 inches tall.

        3.4 oz stands at 4.5 inches tall.

        Produced by:  Fuller's Sugarhouse of Lancaster, New Hampshire

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