pure nh maple syrup sampler

        New Hampshire Syrup Sampler

        Small glass jugs filled with three different grades of Pure New Hampshire Maple Syrup. This set enables you to try Golden, Amber, and Dark Grade A Maple Syrup.

        1.35 oz jars

        Fuller's Sugarhouse
        Lancaster, NH

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        This boxed set of Maple Syrup enables you to try the three most popular Grade A Maple Syrup flavors: Golden, Amber and Dark. 

        This boxed triplet is fashioned after the "grading testers" that were used by generations of Maple Syrup producers to distinguish the grade of syrup being produced.  Each bottle holds 1.35 oz.

        Produced by Fuller's Sugarhouse - Lancaster, NH

        Maple Syrup Grading System:

        • Grade A Gold, Delicate Taste: Light, golden color with a mild, delicate maple taste. Use this table syrup for a subtle touch of maple in your food. Previously known as Grade A light Amber or Fancy.  This is the choice for making maple frosting for cakes.  It adds maple flavor without making the frosting too dark in color.
        • Grade A Amber, Rich Taste:  This new grade is a combination of the previous grades of Grade A Medium Amber and the lighter half of Grade A Dark Amber.  It has a full-bodied flavor.  Excellent choice for the classic maple flavor.
        • Grade A Dark, Robust Taste: This grade is a combination of the previous grades of the darker half of Grade A Dark Amber and lighter Grade B.  It has a pronounced maple flavor, preferred by customers who really like maple syrup flavor.
        • Grade A Very Dark, Strong Taste (Not Included in the Sampler): This grade is the darker half of what was formerly known as Grade B.  It has a strong flavor works well as a cooking syrup.