Blake Hill Gooseberry Jam

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This botanical jam infuses the uniquely delicate taste and aroma of wild wild elderflowers with the fresh, bright Vermont-grown Gooseberries.

10 oz jar

Blake Hill Preserves - Windsor, Vermont

  • $9.50
Only 6 left in stock

Elegantly aromatic wild elderflowers foraged from woodland edges near Blake Hill are infused with tart Vermont gooseberries to create this unique jam, which is quite popular in England.

A perfect jam for baked goods, and delicious served over creamy vanilla ice cream!  Delicious on a bite of toast!  Also use as an alternate jam in cheesecake and upside-down cake recipes. 

10 oz jar.
Ingredients: Gooseberries, Cane Sugar, Wild Elderflower Syrup (custom elderflower tea blend, water, sugar), Lemon Juice, Pectin.
45 calories per Tablespoon.

Made by Blake Hill Preserves of Windsor, Vermont

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