Blake Hill Seville Marmalade

        Blake Hill Seville Marmalade

        This Seville Marmalade won a 2021 World Marmalade Gold Medal.  The first US-made marmalade to win God at The World Marmalade Awards.

        Seville Marmalade's unique bitter flavors and lots of natural citrus oils, make it the most popular marmalade for connoisseurs.  

         10 oz jar

        Blake Hill Preserves - Windsor, Vermont

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        Vicky of Blake Hill brought her rich heritage to the table. Vicky spent much of her childhood in England in her Mom’s kitchen learning recipes handed down from her grandmother and then brought the recipes to Vermont. 

        Seville Marmalade dates back to the 12th century in Seville, Spain.  This marmalade has unique bitter flavors and lots of natural citrus oils that make it a most sought after marmalade for those that enjoy marmalades.. 

        Brimming with elegant hand-cut rinds for a marmalade of character, Blake Hill's Seville Orange marmalade is the first and only US-made Seville Orange marmalade to win Gold at The World Marmalade Awards!

        A perfect pairing for aged Gouda, also a delicious glaze for roast duck, or use it as a wonderful filling for vanilla sponge cakes.  

        10 oz jar.
        Simple Ingredients for a Historic Marmalade:  Fresh Seville Oranges, water, cane sugar

        Only 50 calories per Tablespoon serving, Gluten-Free.

        Made by Blake Hill Preserves of Windsor, Vermont

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