Wozz!  Infused Vinegars

        Wozz! Infused Vinegars

        Wozz! Gourmet Infused Vinegars are handcrafted to develop a rich full vinegar that will make an elegant dressing, an excellent finishing sauce or as a shrub for the best cocktail mixer!

        Made Locally and packed in 8.5 oz bottles by:

        Wozz! Kitchen Creations
        Bethlehem & Twin Mt, New Hampshire

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        Wozz Infused Vinegars are designed to dress, garnish and season food.  They are also the perfect cocktail mixer (known as a "shrub") for cocktails and mocktails to add a pop of zingy fruit flavor.

        These  vinegars go through a slow infusion process using whole fruit ingredients, balsamic vinegar or healthy apple cider vinegar with custom blended aromatic spices and herbs.  These vinegars have a slightly thicker consistency, rich flavor, vibrant colors and a bit of sweetness to balance the acidity. All are handmade in small batches using fresh fruits, vegetables, all natural, non-gmo ingredients with no fruit purees or concentrates. 

        The Flavors include:

        Spiced Beet Infused Vinegar -2x Winner of the NYC fancy food show and 2018 Good Food Awards Winner! Local fresh beets roasted and infused in apple cider vinegar with a medley of spices including bay leaf and orange peel. Serve over a salad of spinach, blue cheese and roasted butternut squash.  Use to make delicious Roasted Baby Carrots, click here for recipe.

        Spiced Strawberry Rhubarb Infused Vinegar + Cocktail Shrub Mixer - The taste of summer in a bottle.  Fresh local strawberries picked at the peak of ripeness infused with fresh garden rhubarb and warm pie spice.  Mix in seltzer water for an afternoon spritzer!  Make a Strawberry Salsa: Top grilled chicken with a salsa of diced ripened strawberries, thinly sliced spring onions, purple basil, and a splash of Wozz! strawberry rhubarb vinegar.  Finish with cracked pepper and salt.  

        Balsamic Blueberry and Maple Gourmet Vinegar - Wild Maine blueberries and NH local pure maple syrup steeped in balsamic vinegar of Modena.  Warm this vinegar in a pan and drizzle over roast pork or duck.  A delicious vinegar drizzled over a salad of spinach, candied pecans, fresh apple and gorgonzola. Try this recipe for Grilled Chicken with Balsamic Blueberry Sauce.

        Lemon Thyme Vinegar and Cocktail Shrub Mixer - Slightly sweet, tangy and puckery, this is the newest addition to the Wozz! Vinegars.  Fresh whole lemons are slowly steeped in apple cider vinegar with bouquets of fresh fragrant thyme resulting in this delicious lemon vinegar with floral herbaceous accents. As a Dressing: Enjoy this lemon vinegar over a salad of mixed greens, herb roasted chicken, baby boiled potatoes, red onion and feta.  Mix with a little olive oil and Dijon for a French style vinaigrette.  As a Pan Sauce: Deglaze a pan with a splash of our lemon thyme vinegar with a knob of butter for a lemon thyme beurre blanc sauce to serve with scallops, fish and seafood.  As a Shrub for drinks: Add our Lemon Thyme Vinegar to seltzer water for a refreshing summer drink, why not add a little gin or tequila while you are at it.   For an upscale yet simple cocktail, mix with prosecco and serve with a sprig of fresh thyme. 

        Raspberry Red Wine Vinegar and Cocktail Shrub Mixer  - A slow infusion of juicy raspberries in aged red wine vinegar.  Perfect for all your summer cocktails and salads, this vinegar is just delightful.  Whole juicy raspberries permeate aged red wine vinegar resulting in a burst of the freshest raspberry infused vinegar flavor!   Try this recipe for a delicious Vinaigrette for Chicken Salad.

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