Raw White Mt Honey

        Raw White Mt Honey

        All natural raw honey is treated with tender loving care; never heat treated or processed.  It comes to you with all of the nutrients and goodness that nature intended.

        • $9.00

        This Raw Honey is produced entirely in New Hampshire.  It has never been heat treated or processed.

        White Mountain Apiary's Raw Honey

        • MAINTAINS: Natural enzymes, pollens, amino acids, propolis, vitamins, minerals, texture, flavor, and color.
        • DOES NOT CONTAIN: Antibiotics, chemicals, additives, herbicides, pesticides, imported honey, and everything else that shouldn't be in your food.
        • IS UNALTERED: Not cooked, pasteurized, filtered, or added to.
        • IS RESPONSIBLE: Produced completely in the United States, we own our hives and ensure the responsible and sustainable production of our eco-friendly honey from hive to bottle.

        Three sizes:  8 oz, 16 oz or  2.5 lb jar

        White Mountain Apiary - Littleton, New Hampshire

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